Bulls For Sale

Bulls for sale - 2018

Our young sires have just been scanned and assessed and are available for sale. Our young bulls are sold ready to work and guaranteed. 
We recommend that you register your interest early for our 2018 bulls as, in recent years, we have sold out quickly in Spring.

Noddy N1, grey
Nitro N10, grey SOLD
Nero N11, silver
Neill N12, grey SOLD
Navara N13, silver
Nefario N14, grey
Nacho N15, silver
Nairn N22, grey
Norbert N23, silver SOLD
Nick N24, grey
Newtopia N25, grey SOLD
Neon N28, silver
Nice Guy N29, silver
Nobby N30, grey
Night Hawk N31, black
Nardole N32, silver
Nebula N34, grey SOLD
Noah N39, silver SOLD
Nalinga N42, black
Nexus N44, silver

Scroll down for first images of the 2018 bull team, aged from 11-13 months.

NEW The table below has been updated with 400d weights and growth rates and scan data is available on request. SM Indices are based on the August 2018 update. When looking at the birthweights, keep in mind that we correctively mate. For example, Kingswood, who is a reliable low birthweight bull has been mated to larger birth weight cows. 

Please call Davo (mob. 0459 999 662) if you would like any more information about any of these young bulls or will be needing a bull in Spring 2018. Inspections welcome.

* SM Index taken from August 2018 update; 400d growth rate = average daily weight gain since birth