News 2019

Welcome to 2019


We will be open for Beef Week again this year on day 7 which is Friday 1st February. You'll be able to see some of our females with calves at foot and our Heifer Challenge entry. I'm very happy with our even line of replacements. It's a good opportunity to get a first look at the spring bull crop while they are still with their mother's and there are some real crackers out there. There will be calves on display from Mount Major Kingswood, Lickety Split, Monaro and Manu, along with some calves by Eylwarra Sands Falcon. Davo is also planning to get out over the long weekend and look at some other herds as well. (Pictured here is Mount Major Nacho N15.)

Lovely lucerne

60ml in the middle of December gave us a good grazing off the lucerne to provide a fairy bit of high protein feed for the cows for a month. We try and let 60-70% of the lucerne flower to allow the plants to put energy back into their root reserves, which helps them to persist. Some of our lucerne has lasted 10 years before it needs to be renovated. As the plant is more mature and has thicker stems, this also helps to manage bloat, although we always make sure cows are not going into fresh lucerne hungry and provide them with a bale of hay as well.