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Welcome to Mount Major Murray Greys

Our focus at Mount Major Murray Greys is on producing better beef. Our herd is easy calving, with high growth rates and superb carcass traits. Through the use of elite genetics we aim to provide high indexing animals with low birth weights. We want to provide quiet, well-handled bulls that will produce soft, well muscled, thick, meaty calves for our clients. All our animals are independently scanned and structurally assessed, sire and dam verified, and DNA tested. The rigour that we put our animals through is paying off in both performance and type, as our EBV figures show continual improvement.

Recent Updates:

9/10/23 - new pics for Tally Ho and Torridon
8/10/23 - updated Bulls for Sale page with correct 400d weights and latest Grass Fed Index for sale bulls
16/09/23 - News 2023 updates
16/09/23 - updated Bulls for Sale page with 400d weights and growth rates. New pics for Taurus, Tucker, ThainTheodolite and Thor 
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