Bulls For Sale

We recommend that you register your interest early for our bulls. We currently have one bull from the 2022 bull team still for sale: Sparrowhawk S5

 Tank T4  Tony T13  Turbo T17  SOLD    TinTin T24  Tango T30  Tsar T40   Tallis T48 
 Tarantino T6  Titan T14 SOLD  Toblerone T20 SOLD    Talisker T25 SOLD    Tolkien T32  Tucker T42  Thor T50
 Thunder T7  Trevor T15 SOLD    Tally Ho T21  SOLD    Tornado T26 SOLD  Toot T35 SOLD  Thain T43  
 King Tut T11 SOLD    Titanium T16     Taurus T22 SOLD  Torridon T27     Tungsten T39  SOLD     Theodolite T44 SOLD     

Our sale bulls are all vaccinated, scanned, independently assessed, parentage verified and tested for breeding soundness (incuding semen morphology).

Please call Davo (mob. 0459 999 662) if you would like any more information about any of our young bulls or will need a bull in Spring 2023.
Inspections are always welcome but if you are unable to travel, we are happy to record videos - just let us know your needs.

2023 bull team, born in 2022, these youngsters are now available for sale in September 2023.

(NOTE Tutankhamen aka King Tut is DVD T11)